Calgary Gold Buyers is the most trusted gold buyer in Calgary Area. With 25+ years of experience in refining precious metal industry, our professionals will guide you the best ways to sell gold, silver and other precious metals such as platinum and palladium.

Sell Your Gold For Most Cash

We are not your typical ‘We Buy Gold’ store, but we are the most trusted gold buyer in Calgary because we offer the best gold prices for your broken gold, gold jewelry pieces, and we pay cash for gold.

No Waiting For Your Cash For Gold Payment!

Our gold buying experts provide all of our customers with an honest and fair assessment of their gold, precious metals, and fine jewelry, in a safe and secure office setting. We pride ourselves on creating a relaxed and professional atmosphere, ensuring that our customers are under no obligation to sell. We do this by including our customers in the evaluation process and give them detailed insight into any piece of gold or fine jewelry they place in front of us.

Sell Your Silver For Immediate Cash

We buy vintage silver jewelry, antique silverware, vintage U.S. coins, and so much more.
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